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Well done Scott McNulty, again

Scott McNulty:

A year later and I’ve lost 94.5 pounds so far, and the craziest thing is that it wasn’t really that hard.

Scott continues to be an inspiration to me. You may remember when I marked his 50lb. milestone.

As of January 1 I’m down a little over 11 pounds myself.

Well done Scott McNulty

Scott McNulty:

Let me repeat that: I’ve lost 50 pounds in 5 months!

Scott and I have dieted together in the past. In fact, it has already been 12 years! He did tremendously well then so it is of no surprise that he’s killing it yet again.

He, like so many dieters including myself, had a relapse – it happens. I wish it hadn’t happened to me but I have gained back every single pound I lost all those years ago. Recently, however, I’ve begun watching what I eat again. And now, spurred on by Scott’s example (that came just at the right time) I’m determined to shed this weight yet again.

If you’re looking for inspiration yourself Scott’s post about his milestone is worth reading.