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Ron Howard:

Hey #Twitterville we just wrapped production so here’s a special message #StarWars

Follow the link for his video.

Cute. Howard seems to be having a ton of fun with this, which I think is great given the circumstances he walked into. I also think the name is great. It is what Jabba calls Han. SOLO.

Attending the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic: The Music of John Williams (audio)

This past weekend Eliza and I attended an orchestral presentation by the NEPA Philharmonic that featured musical scores composed by John Williams – my favorite score composer.

Forgive the audio quality, the fact that I forgot to record more than I did, and that at the end I yell “it’s all over” so fast that it is unintelligible. I was quite literally blown away by the presentation. I cried (both at Jurassic Park and during Leia’s theme), I laughed (at the conductor playing the role of Indiana Jones), and my spirits were soaring (during Hook!).

Not my best audio bit so far but definitely my favorite.


Finished Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Looking forward to the next two installments as I hear they are even better.

Welcome back JJ!

Rian Johnson: “Luke is The Last Jedi”

Rian Johnson in The New York Times:

It’s in the opening crawl of “The Force Awakens.” Luke Skywalker, right now, is the last Jedi. There’s always wiggle room in these movies — everything is from a certain point of view — but coming into our story, he is the actual last of the Jedi. And he’s removed himself and is alone on this island, for reasons unknown.

Told you.

Repost: Noah Read on Trevorrow’s exit

👉 Noah Read:

Heard the news about SW IX director. After seeing how Disney handled Rogue One’s director and the results I’m optimistic. They seem to be good stewards, with the humility to make changes when necessary.

See also.

Luke Skywalker is The Last Jedi

Earlier this week I rewatched Star Wars Episode VII. It is really great. Most of the criticisms of the film do not hold up well. It is fun, engaging the entire time, and the actors are perfect. And the film fits in perfectly with the other 3 originals.

One thing I’m surprised about, and was reminded of while watching Episode VII, is the ongoing “who is The Last Jedi” discussions that I’ve seen ever since the next movie’s title was announced.

Multiple times during Episode VII – including during the opening crawl – Luke Skywalker is referred to as The Last Jedi.

Some would think that Rey may become the last Jedi. But she isn’t one. Far from it. It took Luke three films to be a Jedi (and even then, it is questionable whether or not the Council would have ever approved him). Rey isn’t a Jedi simply because she closed her eyes once and bested the loose-canon Kylo Ren.

The next movie will be Luke’s movie. While he’s teaching Rey he will be not be on the sidelines.

That being said I believe Luke at his word in the trailer. It is time for the Jedi to end. A new order of things seems to be on the brink. Perhaps someone without so much fear and hate. Someone filled with hope now that Maz Kanata was straight with her regarding her family ever returning. Someone not tied to the Skywalker lineage and thus not having Vader’s rage in them. Perhaps someone like Rey. But what will this new “thing” be? I’m excited to find out.

Colin Trevorrow out as Star Wars Episode IX Director

Bryan Bishop reporting for The Verge:

Lucasfilm’s creative process has been a bit of a mess lately. Rogue One had to undergo extensive reshoots before release, and earlier this year producer Kathleen Kennedy took the extraordinary step of firing directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller of the standalone Han Solo film just two weeks before the end of principal photography. Ron Howard has since been brought on to finish the film, but the 11th-hour move raised questions as to why things were allowed to progress so far — particularly when massive creative differences apparently existed between Kennedy and Lord and Miller.

And now Trevorrow has “bowed out”. Doubtful. More likely shown the door.

There are two ways to look at all the messy, behind-the-scenes, musical chairs that has happened during the tumultuous first 3 films out of Lucasfilm since Disney bought it and Kathleen Kennedy took over.

One the one hand, you can think things are an absolute mess and surely something is wrong over there.

Or, you can look at it the way I believe the truth really is… making productions this large is a very messy and difficult business. This sort of thing happens more often than you and I think about. It is just that Disney and Lucasfilm are under a bit more scrutiny than many other film houses. Also, I like to think that Kathleen Kennedy is doing an amazing job. She’s making the really, really hard choices of completely firing people – forsaking the loss of time, money, and momentum, in order to ship a superior product.

Yes, there were reshoots for Rogue One. But the Rogue One we saw was very, very good. What if she (and, likely, others) didn’t force the issue to do reshoots? What if she didn’t fire the co-directors of the new Han Solo movie and recruit an Oscar-winning replacement? And, what if she kept Trevorrow on (even though he has a fantastic first name)?

It is very easy to point out that things could be wrong. But, it is more likely that this sort of thing is remarkably hard to do without some ego casualties.

My guess is that Episode IX will be better for it. While I enjoyed Jurassic World it was far from great. I think Trevorrow has a bit more work to do before you hand him the most beloved franchise of all time. I say bring in a heavy-hitter that wants a crack at Vader’s kid’s legacy.

Wearing a Star Wars shirt, like a proper 35 year old white male.

Chuck Wendig is writing a Star Wars novel

Chuck Wendig is writing a Star Wars novel. He writes:

I cannot feel my legs, and I have been drunkenly pirouetting wildly around the house for months, making lightsaber sounds and forcing my four-year-old on a steady regimen of Star Warsy goodness. I am geeking out hardcore over here.

We live in interesting times. Where we can follow the blogs and the tweets of the people that bring us our favorite things.

My interview on The Way Station

On I asked if anyone had a podcast that I could be a guest on. And, wouldn’t you know it Noah Read had one and graciously invited me to be a guest on The Way Station.

We had a nice, relaxed, geeky chat about my career, about Plain and Barley, and a bit about Star Wars of course. I recommend giving it a listen.