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Outsourcing your online presence

Joe Cieplinski:

Look, I get that I’m the nut who doesn’t want to use Facebook. I’m not even saying don’t post your stuff to Facebook. But if Facebook is the only place you are posting something, know that you are shutting out people like me for no good reason. Go ahead and post to Facebook, but post it somewhere else, too. Especially if you’re running a business.

Facebook is an amazing platform for businesses. It is very easy to keep up-to-date. Your customers (that are on Facebook) can follow along and share your message. And you can use it to post text, photos, video, live video, photo albums, links, events, groups discussions, polls, etc. etc. It is an incredible tool.

However. As has been delicately noted by others Facebook does not play very nice on the Internet. While Facebook has 1B+ accounts… that does not add up to everyone. And, those 1B+ accounts aren’t all individual people. And some of those people may only open Facebook to see the latest photo of their grandchild. So if you’re business is only sharing on Facebook there is no doubt that you’re missing the entire audience. You’re getting some. But certainly not getting all. And, you’re missing out on searches through Google or Bing or Yahoo!.

Businesses should have their own site AND share through social networks where they think their customers are.

How do you get work?

Aspiring freelancers always ask this question. Lara Schenck answers:

I tell people I’m looking for work. Then, while I wait for referrals, I do a bunch of stuff for free. That includes talking at meetups, doing free workshops, and writing blog posts. Finally, I cross my fingers and have faith that it will come when I need it. It’s a very exact science, let me tell you.

This formula works. Yet, so many freelancers do not believe it and so they prioritize based on the fear of not getting work if they “waste” time blogging, designing logos for nonexistent companies and putting them in their portfolio, or writing code for open source projects on GitHub. The clear way to get work is to share work.