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Experiment more

Try new things with what you already have.

In 2006 I wrote a post about taking full advantage of the things you already own. Knowing every feature of your SLR or Bluray player or getting to know the features of your most-used software.

In this post I want to encourage you to try something completely new with something you use regularly. Experiment. Push. Flip over. Pull. Spin. Tilt.

This is how panoselfies were born. And look what happened there. Many people have a pano mode on their phone. How many point it at themselves?

Experimentation has led to some game-changing discoveries. Heat. Gmail. Electricity.

Take something you use every day. Take a good long look at it. Now, try something completely different with it. It might be fun. And, maybe, just maybe, it might be useful.

A remote workers review of Cocoon Coffeehouse in Hawley, PA

Yesterday Kyle and I wanted to get out of our home offices and work somewhere new. He suggested Cocoon Coffeehouse next to the Silk Mill in Hawley.

Panoselfie Cocoon Coffeehouse

A panoselfie of yours truly.

It turned out to be a nice little spot to get work done. Comfortable chairs. Easily accessible wifi. Good food (I tried the quiche). And my coffee was pretty good too (Electric City!).

So if you’re within a few miles of Hawley and would like to get some work done in a comfortable atmosphere Kyle and I give Cocoon Coffeehouse a thumbs up.

What is a Panoselfie?

They aren’t new. You can find them if you dig. But they aren’t “a thing” and I think they should be. So, yesterday I created a Flickr group called Panoselfies. I recommend giving it a try.


  • Put your phone on pano mode
  • Point it just over your right shoulder
  • Slowly rotate your wrist as the phone takes the photo

You don’t have to post to Flickr. You could put it on Twitter or Facebook too and simply hashtag it. Squarecroppers need not apply.

Update: Now that Instagram allows for other formats besides squarecrops you can share panoselfies there too.