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NFL and the Surface

Dan Thorp-Lancaster for Windows Central:

Under the deal, the NFL will continue to use Microsoft Surface tablets for referee video reviews through the end of the 2018/2019 season, SportsPro reports. Coaches and players will also continue to use Surface tablets to review footage during games.

I’m glad MSFT is sticking with this. You’ll recall this gaff, perhaps. But I think that is fading. People know what a Surface is now. And, I think both the Surface hardware and Windows 10 are getting so much better that they need to keep pushing this brand in front of people. It is a great product.

I honestly believe one of Microsoft’s biggest challenge is marketing. See also this rant.

NFL overtime rules suck

Update: Many of you are coming here because you are watching a football game right now and you too think that the NFL overtime rules suck. Welcome to my site – I share your pain.

The Steelers lost in overtime today. Chris mentioned that the NFL’s overtime rules suck, and I agree – when the team you are cheering for loses. Such was the case today.

First to score wins in overtime. And with Maddox on your team the only thing you’ll be first to do is lose. Tommy, seriously, brother – go to the nearest grocery store and ask for application. Today’s loss was not 100% on your shoulders, but still, you need to just quit.

Ok, I won’t harp on Maddox anymore this year.