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Get your NEPA BlogCon 2017 Tickets

NEPA BlogCon 2017 tickets are available:

Attendees can expect presentations and roundtable discussions on branding, content development, podcasting, vlogging, and more.

I like the format changeup. (See also) Looks like some friends are presenting as well. Go grab your tickets.

Brent Pennington’s photos from NEPA BlogCon 2015

Brent Pennington, official photographer for NEPA BlogCon 2015, on his blog:

I’ve had a unique perspective on BlogCon, both by being the organization’s official photographer and due to the fact that I live with one of the co-organizers. From it’s humble upstart beginnings, NEPA BlogCon has grown and matured into a powerful, full-featured conference that more than delivers on its promises.

I agree Brent. Good captures, too.

Salvador Dalí in Print

This weekend we at Coalwork sponsored a local blogging event called NEPA BlogCon. You can read more about that on the Coalwork blog.

While visiting Misericordia University I popped my head into the Salvador Dalí in Print exhibit, which they have on loan from Elizabeth Marrow.

Dalí was a trip. Nice exhibit. (Side note: Check out his full name. Wowza.)