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WWDC 2017 recap

I wanted to take a few moments to jot down a comparison between my wish list for this year’s WWDC and what was announced. Also, towards the end, some quick thoughts on the surprises that were announced.

Here are my wishes, in order from the previous post, and whether or not we got them.

  • Shared iCloud Photo Libraries. Nope. It doesn’t appear so. I think if they had finished this they would have announced it.
  • iCloud data Family sharing. Yes! And, they gave us 2TB for the price of 1TB. So, a very good update here.
  • An all-new Mac App Store. Kinda? While they didn’t show this off, Phil Schiller did hint at it during John Gruber’s live interview with him and Hair Force One.
  • App Store demos. Nope. While the new iOS App Store looks very nice (and it getting great reviews all over the web) it didn’t include this.
  • App slimming. Not sure. I’ll wait for the public betas of iOS and macOS to determine if they’ve done any work in this area.
  • More Camera app filters. Yes! While the camera app may not have more filters built-in, the Photos app has tons of updates in this area. I’ll take it.
  • Apple Prime. Nope.
  • Rename iCloud Photo Library? Nope. But, not a big deal.
  • Apple Watch Series 3. Nope. Not yet. And the watchOS updates that were featured were lackluster. But, I think they were holding back for the event they’ll have in the fall.
  • Apple Photos improvements. Yes. Tons. I’ll wait until I get my hands on it to do a direct comparison with my wishes.
  • More iOS Extensions. Nope. I didn’t see much in this area mentioned, but I think they made up for it with the drag/drop features.
  • Siri. Nope. Read Manton’s post on this. He wrote what I was thinking.
  • Apple Maps accuracy updates. Nope. Not a single mention about Apple Maps that I saw. So, again, I’ll have to wait and see with the betas.

My last minute wish that I threw in was for driving mode. And that is a huge yes!

If we’re keeping score that’s like 8 nopes, 1 kinda, and 4 yeses. Which doesn’t seem like a good score but somehow I was very impressed with WWDC overall. I think we’re in for a great year of software updates coming from Apple.

Now, onto some of the surprises.

  • HomePod. While not a total surprise HomePod looks interesting. As a piece of hardware I really like it. As a device that allows you to access Siri I’m less excited because of how poor Siri is still. For example: Ask Siri “how far is New York City” compared to “Driving directions to New York City”. How can’t Siri answer the first question if it can answer the second? I refuse to believe that Apple isn’t staying up late nights to bolster Siri’s offering so hopefully we’ll see a massive improvement in Siri within calendar 2017 or 2018.
  • iMac Pro. What an incredible computer! My first Mac was an iMac and I bought Eliza an iMac somewhat recently. I really love all-in-one computers I just prefer to have a notebook myself due to working remotely, at work, in coffee shops, at a client’s, etc. If I were to buy a desktop computer for myself the iMac Pro would be it.
  • Macbook updates. I got my new Macbook Pro with Touchbar somewhat recently. But, these updates aren’t enough to make me regret my upgrade. They look solid though.
  • ARKit. As I’ve already noted, this will be huge.
  • New iPads Pro. The updates to the iPad (both software and hardware) are very, very good. Makes me wish I needed to upgrade.
  • iPad iOS features. Though it appears some of these could come to iPhone (or, perhaps the 10-year anniversary iPhone) – these features are amazing like drag and drop and the dock, etc. Pretty cool.

There are of course many things I haven’t mentioned but ll-in-all a solid week of Apple updates.

One last thing; recently Tim Cook has been quoted as saying that Apple is focused on autonomous driving (which we knew) but that they are focused on it as a category rather than a feature. Apple finds autonomy as an interesting area moreso than simply self-driving. I’m very interested to see how this idea manifests itself in future products.

Clickity clank, Clickity clank

My setup now

I posted this photo on Flickr and some people, including some of the people that commented, were surprised what I develop on.

Overall, I really can’t complain. My iBook runs fairly well, it’s incredibly mobile, and it was affordable. However I do find myself craving more real estate, higher resolutions, and a bit more horsepower when I’m actually trying to produce any type of content.

For instance, when I compile TUG Radio, it takes my iBook about an hour to crunch the entire project into an .MP3. Side note: There is an option in the preferences of Garage Band that allows you to save your project in such a way that will make the project file available in the entire iLife suite. Leaving this on, which it is by default, will increase your saving times substantially. Meaning, like 10 times longer. Take my word for it, turn that option off.

So, what would I love to have? I figured I’d make up a quick list.

  • MacBook Pro w/ bluetooth mouse
  • 20″ Apple Cinema Display
  • 500GB Firewire drive

That’s all I need. I’m almost filled to capacity for hard disk space, so I’d love to not have to worry about that for awhile. The MacBook would give me the speed, real estate, and mobility I crave and have accustomed to. And, the 20″ display would be nice to have while working from home.

Is this too much to ask for? If you are interested in donating towards me getting these things, you should consider dropping $2,000.00 or less into my Paypal account. Or, perhaps you can just send me those items all wrapped up in a bow.

Who am I kidding? Every geek on the planet is craving almost the exact same thing.

Update: If you donate you’ll be linked to, so be sure to leave your URL in the comments of the donations (this is starting to get serious). Also, think about the fact that TWiT (this week in tech (google it)) gets thousands upon thousands of dollars per month in donations. And, the fact that they are all making thousands and thousands of dollars per month in PROFIT from advertising and Adsense. I don’t know why I’m ranting about them making so much money from Podcasting. Hmmmm. perhaps I’m jealous? Nah.

Update 2: The payments go to Azile, Inc. because that is an old company name. Paypal sucks for changing your business profile information without filling out tons of documentation.

Update 3: For those of you that dropped in literally .11 cents, I just want to let you know that Paypal has taken every penny. For those of you that decided .35 cents was a good idea, I got .5 cents of it. Thanks Paypal!