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Gardening is a violent act

Harold Jenkins:

I’ve long wanted to do a piece on the subject of gardening as violence. Gardening is an extremely violent act. To start a garden you must first kill whatever is already growing in the place you want to garden: cut down trees, tear out vines, rip up or smother sod. Then you break the soil and work it into a condition ready for planting.

I found this bit nestled in a post about a recent poem that Jenkins wrote and even performed. Gardening is a violent act? Fascinating perspective.

The crescent of Venus

Harold Jenkins:

From February through March 2017 Venus will put on quite a show in the west after sunset. Unmistakably bright, its crescent will be getting thinner while the disc of the planet itself is increasing in size – meaning the planet will maintain its brightness, even though its appearance through binoculars, telescopes, and high-zoom cameras changes dramatically.

I’ve been smitten with Venus these last few weeks.