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Podcasts 2017

Three years ago I was tagged to make a list of the podcasts I was currently listening to. A year before that I did something similar. So, now I’m back this year to provide a current list. In no particular order: Criminal The West Wing Weekly The Joe Rogan Experience* The Tim Ferriss Show* tecBRIDGE […]


Podcasts that I listen to

Nearly a year ago I jotted down some non-tech podcasts that I was enjoying at the time. However, today I was tagged by Joe Casabona (Cassy) to jot down those that I’m listening to currently. Here is that list: Astronomy Cast Inspiring Adventurer FreshAir Planet Money TEDTalks Hardcore History Sea Kayak Podcasts The Tim Ferriss […]


I think when some of us hear the word podcast we immediately think of those that deal with technology or those in which a few tech nerds sit around and chat about tech-related topics. But podcasts are so much more than tech. Though they’ve been around a little while they are still a revolution. They […]