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Ton Zijlstra linking curiosity to his blogging

Ton Zijlstra, replying to Frank Meeuwsen’s post that was replying to my post, took a different angle:

Over the last 16 years my blog has been a good instrument to trigger, feed and explore my curiosity. Me blogging more means I’m curious to expand my horizons again.

His post reminded me of a discussion that came up in 2013 on the blogosphere… writing is how I think. And still to this day, my blog is where I form ideas and hypothesis regarding my own interests.

Don’t let people tell you blogging is dead. Seems alive and well to me.

Frank Meeuwsen on What he doesn’t know

Fellow Dutchman Frank Meeuwsen, replying to my carpenter illustration in my What I don’t know post (translated by Google Translate):

I immediately thought of a conversation I had with the electrician a few minutes before. He explained to me how the power from the meter cupboard is distributed throughout the house and how overload and short circuit can occur. I have never fully understood how electricity works, I am always happy that the rest of the street still has light when I have once again connected a lamp. But this older Iranian craftsman explained to me patiently and clearly how it works.

Glad to see this topic spreading across the blogosphere.