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Connecticut weekend vibes – August 2019

Eliza and I enjoyed a gorgeous weekend in Connecticut this weekend with my sister and her family.

a man, fishing next to a lake

Fisherman, Lackawanna State Park – July 2019

“I once saw a pelican out here.”

Speaking of fishing. Here’s a recent catch.

An 18.5 inch brook trout, in my hand, with a small creek in the background.

Saturday’s catch.

Yesterday’s catch. 15″ Brown Trout.

me holding a trout next to a river

Last night’s catch; 20-plus-inch large mouth bass and a few bluegill.

a large mouth bass, held by bottom jaw
a bluegill lay in grass

First catch on a fly; Fallfish. (Caught this past Saturday)

A fallfish in my hand.
A small creek runs on the right with a large tree in the distance and some cattails in the foreground.

South Branch Tunkhannock Creek – April 2019

Had a lovely time fishing here recently while the sun set at my back.

Last night’s brook trout catch. Totally happy. 🎣 Image credit: Eliza.

Three photos showing me holding a small brook trout and smiling ear to ear.

My happy place lately. Learning to fish is more nuanced than first glance but I’ve been enjoying every frustrating lesson.

Lackawanna River at sunset.

I love watching YouTube videos to learn from people that have thousands of hours more experience than I do. I often find it isn’t what they are saying or explaining that I learn from the most – it is from watching what they are doing.

Early observations from the first times fishing in 2019

I wish I had kept a fishing diary. I didn’t. But I might start. Either way, here are some quick observations before they leave my memory:

  • rushing and frustration only compound issues
  • don’t assume success was a result of technique
  • if distracted, simply stop and wait for distraction to pass
  • take cues from local environment to determine tactic
  • there is no wrong way to catch a fish
  • relax, listen, observe