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Common Merganser takes flight triptych – April 2020

Sort of a triptych I suppose. I wish I had set the camera to a much faster shutter speed but I just didn’t have the time.

Looks to me like a red and grey squirrel mix
Male Cardinal
Male Mallard
Sparrow taking flight
Freshly flowered Forsythia
Possible bilateral gynandromorph Cardinal (male and female)
Male Garter snake
Common Merganser
Turkey Vulture

Wildlife from recent quarantine walks – March/April 2020

I’ve been shooting mostly digital during our as-often-as-possible nature walks near our home. We are really hunkering down at this point, trying our best to keep ourselves and those around us safe. So making these simple shots of nearby wildlife is a nice escape.


Mallard, Frances Slocum State Park – October 2016


Duck in Promised Land State Park – September 2016