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MeToday: May 4, 2018 – May the 4th be with you. Coworking with Ted and Aaron. (see also, and on Flickr)

Also enjoyed some Pho.

A remote workers review of Cocoon Coffeehouse in Hawley, PA

Yesterday Kyle and I wanted to get out of our home offices and work somewhere new. He suggested Cocoon Coffeehouse next to the Silk Mill in Hawley.

Panoselfie Cocoon Coffeehouse

A panoselfie of yours truly.

It turned out to be a nice little spot to get work done. Comfortable chairs. Easily accessible wifi. Good food (I tried the quiche). And my coffee was pretty good too (Electric City!).

So if you’re within a few miles of Hawley and would like to get some work done in a comfortable atmosphere Kyle and I give Cocoon Coffeehouse a thumbs up.

The Independents Hall Grand Opening Party

Arriving in Philadelphia on September 1st, quite possibly one of the nicest days I’ve experienced all year, I knew I was in for something special. Bright blue skies filled with cool, crisp late summer air – it was the type of weather that you remember for quite awhile.

Early Saturday at Indy Hall

Independents Hall is nested nicely in Old City, two-floors above Strawberry Street (or what could be called an alley), and is now the venue for the future of coworking in Philadelphia. Spending the better part of the day there, on a Saturday, working with a few other people is a real joy. The space, the people, the weather – all factors in inspiring productivity.

My main reason for coming to Independents Hall on this day was to be part of the judging panel for the Viddler MealToday contest and to use the space’s grand opening party as the backdrop for the announcement of its winner. Alex Hillman, and the rest of the coworkers at Indy Hall, were all extremely accommodating – allowing us to take over a few of their desks for the day, a good portion of their second floor, their projector, and their board room. Really, we couldn’t have asked for better hosts.

I had a ball seeing all of the people in Philly again and had a great time judging MealTodays with Scott McNulty, Marisa McClellan, Rob Sandie, and Gary Vaynerchuk. We’ll be releasing a video later today We’ve released a video on the Viddler Spotlight (our blog), which shows what went on that night and that should give you a good glimpse into what it was like to be at Indy Hall’s party and to be judging the MealTodays.

With well over 100 people in attendance there is no doubt in Philadelphia’s interest in coworking and community (and probably champagne). Such support makes me both jealous and inspired to someday setup a coworking space further north of Philadelphia. But that won’t be until I have time to settle down.

If I didn’t get to say hi to you while in Philadelphia, sorry. I’ll be in again this weekend for Podcamp Philly.

Philadelphia Weblogger Meetup – March 17th

Mike Stickel, Colin Devroe, Matt Regula, Chris Fehnel, Timmy Dunn in Philadelphia

Mike Stickel, Chris Fehnel, Matt Regula, Timmy Dunn and I on South Street after the last Meetup.

This Saturday (March 17th from 2:00pm till about 5pm) I’ll be attending the Philadelphia Webloggers Meetup at Ten Stone Bar & Restaurant. Will you be there?

It looks like Tony Green and I will be having a conversation so please be sure to join in as we discuss Microformats (which I’ve used to markup this post by the way).

I was finally able to pull Alex Hillman out of his shell. He was recently interviewed by Philadelphia Weekly about his efforts in CoWorking. You may want to pick his brain about this…

I just hope this snow doesn’t affect our plans. Though I think we’re pretty determined.

Note: You can add this event to your calendar program of choice since this post is marked up using hCalendar. Enjoy.