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Heaven Hill Distillery, Bardstown, Kentucky – March 2018

Heaven Hill Distillery makes many brands of bourbon. Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Old Fitzgerald, and many more. The rickhouses you see pictured above, taken with a drone at a few hundred feet up, each hold 15,000-20,000 barrels of whiskey. Each building could be valued at $100,000,000 USD. The larger, lower building holds many times that.

Stitzel-Weller Distillery, Louisville, Kentucky – March 2018

You’ll have to forgive me, as it is going to take some time for me to get through all of my photos from our trip to Kentucky in late-Winter. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you may have already seen a few of the photos I’m going to share here. But there will be many that I haven’t shared yet as I’m just now finding some time to go through them.

Eliza and I visited this distillery just outside of Downtown Louisville because we wanted to visit Bulleit Bourbon. It turns out that most bourbon brands are offshoots of other, much larger, companies. In this particular case, Bulleit is housed within a distillery with a much longer history.

I don’t have the time to catalog all that we learned on our trip (I’ve attempted to write a post that sums up our trip a few times already and have failed several thousand words in) but I can say that I highly, highly recommend the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to anyone that enjoys whiskies.