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Texting while driving


The data support the generally-accepted wisdom that despite laws, penalties and reminders of the hazards of cell phone distractions while behind the wheel, drivers continue to put themselves and others on America’s roads in grave danger.

Do the world a favor. Grab a nearby friend or family member and show them how to turn on Do Not Disturb while driving settings for iOS or Android. Both operating systems have very good features around this now. There is no excuse at all not to have this on by default at this point.

Spread the word. It saves lives. It could save a life today.

Gurman’s scoops, like this one, are always so full of cruft in the style of writing. I wish they were just bulleted-lists of what’s to come.

Squarespace raises at $1.7B valuation

Gerrit De Vynck for Bloomberg, on whether or not Squarespace should go public:

Analysts and bankers have been expecting the company to go public since at least 2016. Casalena declined to comment on IPO plans but said he’s building a company capable of doing so. “We want to do this on our own time table,” he said. “We’re not in a rush.”

Anthony Casalena, quoted, is the CEO of Squarespace. I’ve personally had dealings with Anthony and I can’t say enough good things about his approach. He genuinely cares for his company, product, team, and customers. He’s super, super nice. And he moves at a pace that does not get hurried by outside pressure. It is an admirably quality that he continues to display.

Squarespace is one of the great companies in our industry even though they seldom make headlines.