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Exposed root – April 2020

If you walk through the same forest for months and months – you begin to notice the details you’d normally miss. Also on Flickr, Instagram.

Taken with Ansco Speedex on expired Kodak Tri-X 400

Over the river – March 2020

I love how this tree hangs over the river. I’ve photographed it many times and assume I will many times more.

This particular image is a re-scan of a negative. I learned a slightly different way to scan and edit the resulting digital positive and I believe the above image is extremely good quality (though, the version I’ve uploaded to my blog is only 2,000 pixels wide).

See also; Studebaker, Sweeny’s Bench, Rail side. All of these being from the same roll of film.

Taken with Ansco Speedex on expired Kodak Tri-X 400

Rail side – March 2020

I’d forgotten to publish this one. It is from the same expired roll I shot Sweeny’s Bench and the Studebaker on.

Ansco Speedex • Ilford HP5+ 400

Penn Yan, New York – March 2020

This is a frame from my very first roll of new black and white film. It was taken on Ilford HP5+ 120 film stock. This is very forgiving film from my newbie perspective.

Eliza and I enjoyed a sunny weekend in the Finger Lakes isolating ourselves to some degree from the outside world. It was so sunny, in fact, that the Ansco Speedex didn’t really have a quick enough shutter speed to keep up. I’m limited to 1/100 being the quickest speed on the camera.

I look forward to shooting more Ilford and hopefully in the 6×7 and 6×9 ratios as well.

Studebaker – March 2020

A few more medium format film exposures. These were also taken with the Ansco Speedex.

This old Studebaker sits a stone’s throw away from a river that runs directly in front of our place. From the stories I’ve gathered it was sitting across the street for a few decades before being moved into this area and it has sat here now for a number of years.

My goal with this first expired roll of medium format film was to see the different tones I could create so I thought this white car would be a good subject for that.

The film photography journey continues.