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Andrew Kim goes to Apple

Andrew Kim, who I mentioned back when he rebranded Microsoft and eventually was hired by them, has moved again — this time to Apple.

Somehow I missed that he was at Tesla.

Jon Porter for The Verge:

After three and a half years at the company, Kim moved to Tesla, where he contributed to the designs of several vehicles, including the Model 3, S, X, and Y as well as the Roadster V2 and the Semi, according to his LinkedIn profile.

There are several key talents that I personally try to keep track of as they bounce around. A few come to mind like Bret Victor, Mike Matas, and Chris Lattner. There are tons more. Andrew Kim has been one of them. His designs are both striking and practical.

The question is; what is he working on at Apple?

Andrew Kim goes to MSFT

Remember Andrew Kim? The guy that rebranded Microsoft for free. Well, now he’s going to work there.

I can’t talk about the details of how things fell into place but the choice became obvious. I’ll be designing for Microsoft as of summer. I promise that I’ll make the my greatest work ever while I’m there.

Web creative types take note… sharing your work, ideas, and thoughts will lead to good things. Share more.

Andrew Kim’s Microsoft rebrand; “The Next Microsoft”

Andrew Kim sets aside three days to rebrand Microsoft. Holy crap.