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TIL that Windows 10 has a “Game Bar” (intended for gamers) that makes it really easy to record my screen.

We’re hiring a full time JavaScript developer (can be remote, prefer eastern time zone) at Jujama. If you’ve got practical, real-world React experience we’d love to hear from you. Email colin [at]

Congratulations to the Raptors and especially their fans. They deserved that win. However, the Warriors played terribly and were usually within 4 buckets. Doesn’t bode well for Raptors.

*wakes up, drinks coffee, surfs YouTube, turns on computer, opens 12 electron-based apps and 35 browser tabs to get working*

I see a lot of people are switching to Firefox this week. Good move people.

Humans have set foot on the Moon, nearly eradicated Polio, measured supernovae of distant stars… yet the traffic lane merge baffles them.

Pixlr – A free photo editor. Nice to have in a pinch. Played around with it. Works great. /via Jeremy Keith.

WWDC is just around the corner. I usually write up my wish list and predictions but this year I’m just going to stick with my questions.

Yesterday’s catch. 15″ Brown Trout.

me holding a trout next to a river

Last night’s catch; 20-plus-inch large mouth bass and a few bluegill.

a large mouth bass, held by bottom jaw
a bluegill lay in grass