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Drone shot over Hudson River

Bannerman's Castle, arsenal hold

Bannerman's Castle from above

Wall remains in river

Castle from below

Remaining structure of Bannerman's Castle

From afar

Remains of wall in river

Kayaking to Bannerman’s Castle on the Hudson River – July 2018

Eliza and I paddled on the Hudson River to a long abandoned arsenal castle. It was a great day.

Used my Dell XPS 13” 9370 to edit a drone video today. Zero lag dealing with several gigabytes of 4K video. So glad I chose this little thing.

I need to find a place with gigabit Internet speed for a few days. I have so much data that I need to get down and up. I’m downloading tens-of-gigabytes of application software, uploading hundreds of gigabytes to OneDrive and then again to Google Drive (which is why I hope this is real). Ugh.

Things about Windows 10 #1: Task Bar Previews

There is so much blogger coverage for Apple’s hardware and software products that I feel there needs to be a few more in the Microsoft and Google world. To that end I’m going to start a few new series here on my personal blog; Things about Windows 10, Things about Android.

Generally, I’ll be keeping both of these series positive. I contemplated calling them “Things I like about Windows 10” but, inevitably, there will be some things that I wish were a bit better. So, they will just be “things” that I find interesting.

This first thing about Windows 10, Task Bar Previews, I like very much.

Windows 10 task bar

Let’s say you have an application that has two windows currently open. In the above screenshot I have two File Explorer windows open. By simply hovering the Task Bar icon for that application I can quickly see a preview of sorts for what those windows look like. It turns out to be very handy.

It goes a bit further than that as well. If I hover a single one of those previews, everything else fades away on my computer and I’m able to see just that preview.

Check this one out where I have a bunch File Explorer windows open while moving myriad files from one place to another.

Windows 10 task bar with one window highlighted

I’ve found this feature very useful in just the first few weeks of using Windows 10 every single day.

Updated my Windows 10 checklist to include a few more links including DropIt, HEIF Image support, and more.

MeToday: May 6, 2018 – Eliza and I stopped on our way home in Jim Thorpe for shopping, drinks. (belatedly published)

MeToday: May 5, 2018 – Eliza and I at Longwood Gardens. (belatedly published)

I wish I could play video games without spending any time at all playing them. Does that make sense? Like, if while playing games real time just stopped.

I wish I had time to build a simple mobile app for WordPress. The existing one is frought with issues and each update brings more features I personally do not need.

Windows 10’s tablet mode needs work

Zac Bowden:

A good tablet is about more than just good hardware, you need a good OS experience to go along with it. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t have a good tablet experience to offer, not when compared to iOS on the iPad at least.

I agree. As I said in February.

If they invested in making Windows 10 tablet mode much more finger-friendly, and asked the largest app developers to do so as well, I believe Windows 10 tablet mode would be very good.