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Today’s Microsoft Surface event was fantastic. I have lots and lots of thoughts but I’ll wait until they refresh their site with more information.

This evening I went for a photowalk and recorded it using Anchor. Give it a spin here. It should be available everywhere you get podcasts soon.

Need a new painting? Or, perhaps a gift for someone? My father has a few paintings up for sale through the end of the year. It’d make his day if you bought one.

iPadOS tip: To invoke column view in Files app, “pull down on the UI a little” and you’ll find a new menu bar with icons to change your view setting. I had to watch several YouTube videos before I found this.

Why are “tl;dr” synopsis often at the end of long pieces of text? Wouldn’t the point be to put them at the beginning?

Audio: Read the manual (again)

Recorded September 30, 2019

Have you already read the manual for a product you own? After you’ve used it for a while, I recommend reading it again.

The scientific method affords that entrenched ideas can and should be overturned. But I do find the flip/flops humorous. Like this one. It proves my point in yesterday’s Random 60.

It is very nice to be mentioned in the latest email newsletter. A shame non of the links are currently working. Mailchimp must be having some issues.

Twitter Lists are having a moment

Twitter recently released an updated UI that allows you to “pin” Lists you’ve created to your Home timeline view. This makes it possible to swipe between each List quickly. It is a nice feature – especially for those with only a few lists or for those just starting out with them*.

Since this update was released I’m noticing more and more people mention Lists. So I believe this update is working how Twitter wanted it to.

Here is something I wrote about Lists 7 years ago:

I suppose my favorite part about using lists is that I can check Twitter whenever I want without the feeling that I’ll be overwhelmed and distracted by tweets. I can choose when I want to be distracted. When I want to sit down and catch up on Twitter I can go through a few of my lists depending on my mood.

This remains true today. If I’m in the mood to catch up on some outdoor activity lists – fishing, hiking, kayaking – I can dip into that List and catch up. But if I’m in the mood to catch up on technology – I can scroll through that List. It sort of reminds me of reading a particular section of the newspaper, rather than skipping around the newspaper randomly. It allows me to focus a bit more.

Also, Lists do not suffer from the Home timelines terrible algorithm. For that reason alone it is worth building a List or two.

One List of mine that has stuck around is the idea of a “Scratch” list. Today I call it “Heap”. Call it whatever you want, but this allows you to add random accounts to this List and see if they stick. If they do, it is worth taking the time to categorize them.

Not all accounts fit into a category. People, for instance, tweet about all sorts of things. So I find that my relationship with them ends up becoming the name of the List. And for everything else, I have a List called “Lump of People”. I have no idea where I get these names.

I cannot imagine using Twitter without Lists. So I’m glad they are investing in the feature rather than removing or ignoring it.

If you haven’t tried Lists on Twitter I recommend you give them a spin.

Now, if only Instagram would give me some way do to this same thing I’d use it a lot more.

Have you watched every episode of Random 60 Season 3? I’m going to keep uploading these. I plan on sticking to it until something strikes.