Colin Devroe

Weigh in: January 11, 2011

11 January 2011

This week I rested on my laurels just a bit. I didn't work out a single time (other than my weekly basketball routine) and I even drank a few beers. I think I have a fairly good excuse about the beer though - I went to the Eagles vs. Packers playoff game.

However, that is no excuse for not working out. So, with me being a little more lax on the number of calories I took in, drinking a few beers, and burning a lot less calories - I ended up only losing 1 pound this week. I now weigh in at 204lbs.

I'm not completely upset. A loss is a loss. But I really didn't want to have "a bad week" on this round of the diet but here it is. I hope this is my worst week as I want to make up for this past week during this next one. My goal remains 3lbs. per week and, on average, I'm still above that at just above 4 lbs. per week so far. But that could quickly fade away.

So, no more resting. I'm planning to have my best week of exercise yet and plan on being down 3lbs. next week. Maybe I'll even get to 200? We'll see.

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