Colin Devroe

Marco Arment streamlines U.S. currency

8 May 2012

Like many Marco Arment thinks it is time to streamline U.S. currency:

  • 1 cent: I don’t care whether we keep these. I’ll still keep them in a bowl and eventually bring them to a Coinstar machine for Amazon credit.
  • 5 cents (5x previous denomination)
  • 25 cents (5x)
  • $1 (4x): I don’t care whether it’s a coin or a bill. Just pick one.
  • $5 (5x)
  • $20 (4x)
  • $100 (5x)

My swing at this would involve the same number of currencies but would look slightly different. After spending a few weeks in Ireland last year I grew to love coin money over paper money. So I'd do it this way...

  • 5c
  • 25c
  • $1 coin
  • $2 coin
  • $5 bill
  • $20 bill
  • $100 bill

This would mean that prices would have to change. Gone would be the days of prices that end in .99. I say good riddance to the penny and bring on the dollar and two dollar coins.

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