Colin Devroe

Weigh in: Week Thirty Nine

27 February 2007

This week I did manage to get to the gym but didn't manage to do much cardio. I missed two days of basketball that I would have otherwise gone normally, so that sorta sticks.

However, I still managed to get to 196.2 pounds from 198.0 a week ago. I need to focus a little more on cardio this week I think. Perhaps I'll get to play some basketball a few more times than usual. Anyone want to play?

James Mathias recently posted "One-third the Man I Used to Be" wherein he shows photos of "a guy" that he used to know - and the guy he knows now. I can sympathize with him completely. I look back at old photographs and when I see my fatter-self I hardly recognize him anymore. James' change is dramatic, and that appears to be in both mind and spirit. Well done James.

How did y'all do this week?

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