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Weigh in: Week Fifty Nine

The last time I weighed in, nearly a month ago, I weighed in at around 187 pounds. I've gained nearly 4 pounds since that time and I now weigh 191.2 pounds.

Here is where my excuses come flying in. I rolled my ankle really, really badly a few weeks ago and it is actually still pretty tender. This, in part, is why I haven't played basketball in a few weeks for any extended period of time, I haven't ran, and I haven't been to the gym. I'm bad. I know.

The worst part about the entire thing, is that I haven't changed my diet. I know better. I know that when my exercise schedule gets put aside that I need to change my eating habits. But I didn't. So here I am, slowly gaining weight.

Time for a shift back to doing well with regards to food and hopefully I can get back to my normal exercise routine very soon. My goal for next week is to be down 2 pounds.

  • 17 July 2007

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