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Goodreads isn’t very good

September 17, 2020

Sarah Manavis:

After numerous frustrated attempts to find a major new release, to like, comment on, or reply to messages and reviews, to add what they’ve read to their “shelf” or to discover new titles, users know they’ll be forced to give up, confronted with the fact that any basic, expected functionality will evade them. Sometimes even checking what they’ve already read will be next to impossible. Across a huge range of reading habits and preferences, this the one thing that unites millions of Goodreads users: that Goodreads sucks, and is just shy of unbearable.

She goes so far as to say that Goodreads is bad for books.

Goodreads, the app, is terrible. Nearly two years ago, if my memory is correct, they hired a new person to lead product and they “redesigned” the entire app. It did improve, in my opinion, but the app has always been super slow, very difficult to use, and just about the worst app on my phone.


devilgate says:

@cdevroe Given all that, why do you use it? Presumably you get something out of it?

cdevroe says:

@devilgate I mostly use it to remember what I want to read.

Ron says:

@cdevroe I posted this a few days ago.

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe Amazon’s apathy strikes again. They just mined the data and probably never bothered to do anything more than side projects for Goodreads. Good rabbithole of links in the article – about library json and TheStoryGraph… But I don’t have much hope there.

cdevroe says:

@Ron Perhaps something will come of it.

Ron says:

@cdevroe It sounded hopeful, but I couldn’t find the cost. Maybe not even out yet.

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