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Jeremy Keith’s proposal for the Web Share API

September 15, 2020

Jeremy Keith:

So that’s my modest proposal. Extend the list of possible values for the type attribute on the button element to include “share” (or something like that). In supporting browsers, it triggers a very bare-bones handover to the OS (the current URL and the current page title). In non-supporting browsers, it behaves like a button currently behaves.

I’ve contended with the Web Share API for Unmark‘s PWA enough to know that this would be excellent to see happen.


simonwoods says:

@cdevroe I haven’t had a proper look at the spec but would this be equivalent to universal sharing on mobile?

cdevroe says:

@simonwoods Web Share and Web Target are actually using share that comes with iOS/Android/macOS/Windows essentially. They evoke or injest those features.

simonwoods says:

@cdevroe Ohhh interesting. So universal share was always there but never utilised in an open standard that could then be used by anybody with a website?

cdevroe says:

@simonwoods I believe so, yes. And Target allows a web app to accept those same parameters.

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