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I’m rebuilding my entire photo library management workflow now that I’m back on the Mac. It is taxing.


dgreene196 says:

@cdevroe I’d be interested in your strategy when you figure it out. I run pretty much everything through photos, but that creates frustration when I want to do something fun, editing-wise.

zap says:

@cdevroe Whoever figures out a workflow or creates an app that isn’t a pain to maintain will earn so much goodwill in the world.

@cdevroe I hope you will write it up. I’m still on Aperture, although I know it is on borrowed time, but I don’t want to pay for Lightroom. I’ll pay, but not that much. I would also prefer to keep catalogue and image adjustment separate.

cdevroe says:

@schuth @jeremycherfas @dgreene196 @zap I’m on it. I’m also willing to do one-on-one consultations. That would allow me to understand your existing devices and set up.

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