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Ryan Barrett switched to Twitter Lists

November 12, 2019

Ryan Barrett:

A few days ago, I unfollowed everyone on Twitter, added them all to a list, and I now read that list instead. It’s shockingly better. Only their own tweets and retweets, in order. No ads, no “liked by,” no “people you may know,” no engagement hacking crap. It’s glorious.

I do not believe I’d be able to use Twitter without Lists.

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simonwoods says:

@cdevroe The only reason I’m reading Twitter is for people who aren’t currently blogging. If gets Lists there’s a good chance I’ll even give up on those people and be completely done with Twitter.

bix says:

@cdevroe I’m definitely making more use of lists now than before, for whatever reason. I unfollowed most political news people, and most “autism Twitter” people, putting them on lists I check once or twice a day.

cdevroe says:

@bix Twitter is a tool that must be managed constantly in order to get value out of it and also to not go insane!

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