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iPhone 11 Pro Max ∙ f/1.8 ∙ 1/120sec ∙ 4.25mm – Live Photo
iPhone 11 Pro Max ∙ f/1.8 ∙ 1/1000sec ∙ 4.25mm ∙ ISO 32 (Keenlake)
f/4.5 ∙ 79mm ∙ 1/80sec ∙ ISO 1600
f/4.5 ∙ 55mm ∙ 1/15sec ∙ ISO 400
iPhone 11 Pro Max ∙ f/1.18 ∙ 1/75sec ∙ 4.25mm ∙ ISO 125
f/5.6 ∙ 1/20sec ∙ 250mm ∙ ISO 1600

Seelyville Dam – November 2019

On my way to the pub with a few friends I stopped by a nearby dam to shoot photos. I was surprised that just above the dam was a small marshy area filled with ducks, geese, beavers and birds. I managed to fire off just a few photos before the light faded.

There is one photo of Keenlake Campground’s adorable tunnel that I quickly stopped by to shoot as the sun was setting through it.


smokey says:

@cdevroe Some really fabulous shots there, Colin! My favorites are the first two and the last, but they’re all really great photos 🙂

cdevroe says:

@hollyhoneychurch Thank you very much! These new podcast episode posts with images are less about making great photos and more about flexing my muscles with these different tools and techniques. It is exciting to be purposely pushing myself to make new things – rather than sticking to what I know works.

cdevroe says:

@smokey I’m with you on the last one… if only you could have been there to see it!

@cdevroe that’s how we learn. By pushing the boundaries. Enjoy.

smokey says:

@cdevroe That light must have been amazing!

johnjohnston says: stunning photos. I’ve been enjoying the podcasts, look forward to this one. Although I’ve no knowledge or real interest in the technology around photography (f stops!) I really like listening to you thinking about it on the hoof.

cdevroe says:

@johnjohnston I appreciate that you’re listening! The next one is quite fun!

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