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Cape Cod – September 2019

Eliza, her mother, and I spent the very last few days of Summer in Cape Cod – whale watching, shopping, and barbecuing.


cdevroe says:

@cdevroe Cape “Code”. Fitting slip.

@cdevroe That seal portrait is excellent.

smokey says:

@cdevroe Really lovely set of photos—looks like a relaxing way to wind down summer.

cdevroe says:

@smokey Thank you for the kind words!

cdevroe says:

@jeremycherfas Thanks. I’ve been really amping up my focus on my photography – and I’m super happy with the results from this most recent outing.

colinwalker says:

@cdevroe It’s definitely paying dividends, those are some great shots.

cdevroe says:

@colinwalker Thank you Colin. My confidence is building!

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