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The bear I mentioned. Turns out (after closer inspection and research) it is likely a ~400lb male black bear. At one point, I was about 10′ from him.

a black bear walking in a field


aa says:

@cdevroe incredible!!! Have never seen one in the wild. What general area in PA? I’m in central pa and beginning to explore state parks with my family as a weekend activity.

cdevroe says:

@aa I am in northeastern pa. But there are 800,000 black bears in the wild and they live just about everywhere in PA. So I’m sure you will stumble across one if you’re quiet on your hikes.

aa says:

@cdevroe Quiet is tough with our 5 year old, but I’ll keep my eyes open for them!

johnjohnston says:

@cdevroe amazing. I can just about imagine how exciting that was.

cdevroe says:

@johnjohnston To see an animal so clearly at the top of the food chain in the area… that doesn’t have many cares in the world… is so cool. Once they get to this size they really have no thing or no one to worry about.

smokey says:

@cdevroe That’s a close encounter!

There was one up on the mountain when we were in NC earlier this month; it never was close enough for us to see it, but it put a crimp on our outside plans….

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