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The importance of WWDC 2019

June 3, 2019


Whether I’ll like the outcome or not, the cards are stacked for Apple to weigh in heavily on all these things (including possibly by inaction, to focus much more on iOS) come Monday. If optimism left me easily, I would be typing this on a capable PC laptop instead (although possibly swearing equally at a UWP Windows future). But I am holding my breath, because one way or another, when all of WWDC has been summed up, we’ll be able to look back at it and say that it was the moment where everything finally, ultimately, irrevocably changed.

This WWDC, which starts today, seems to be the most important one since the App Store debuted. I wonder if Apple feels it as well or is it just the entire community wondering whether or not they will be using Macs in a decade? Today could tell us that.

/via Marco Arment on Twitter.


jl_siewert says:

@cdevroe Apple can’t and won’t deliver everything people are demanding right now. Be ready to be disappointed today.

cdevroe says:

@jl_siewert I’m an old man. I know to expect to be disappointed on some fronts. Nothing ever lives up to the hype. However, so long as the Mac seems well tended for (new keyboards, Marizpan doesn’t look like crap, etc), and iOS becomes a bit more powerful on iPad, I think I’ll be satisfied.

jl_siewert says:

@cdevroe New keyboards would be great, although that would mean new MacBooks. After the latest spec bump I’m not really optimistic.

cdevroe says:

@jl_siewert I think there is a small chance we’ll see the 16″.

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