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Super impressed with Notion so far. I’ve imported my Simplenotes, Trello Boards, spreadsheets, and Pinterest. One tool for all of this. Consider using this link to sign up as I’ll get credit.


Jake Dahn says:

Hey mang, long time no-speak 😀

I started using notion a few days ago, and so far I’m very impressed. It shines in its flexibility, and provides a simple place to collect thoughts/things.

I feel like there’s a fairly steep learning curve to explore all of the features, and really internalize how to get the most out of using the app. How are you organizing your thoughts/things in notion?

Colin Devroe says:

I agree. I even asked them a few questions on Twitter and their response was less than simple. However, with some time invested in it I believe it could be very powerful.

Jake Dahn says:

I’ve continued playing with things, and I’ve started making some progress on figuring out how to organize all of the things. A few links I’ve found that have helped me form some more thoughts on how to lay things out:

* (I’m particularly fond of the bulletjournal template listed here)

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