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South Iceland – September 2018

In mid-September Eliza, my niece Keri, and I explored the south of Iceland. These photos are but a handful of the thousands we captured on our adventure through the volcanic island. What a place! I hope I get back to explore other areas in the future.


@cdevroe Incredible photos! What camera do you use?

cdevroe says:

@chrispederick Thank you! Google Pixel 2 XL, GoPro, and DJI Phantom.

@cdevroe Wow! It’s incredible the photos that phones like the Pixel can produce (in the hands of a talented photographer clearly). I was expecting you to say it was a DSLR.

smith says:

@cdevroe looks like an amazing trip. Beautiful pictures.

cdevroe says:

@chrispederick Thanks for the kind words. We live in amazing times when truly the best camera seems to be the one we have with us. I seem to only grab the DSLR when I have the need for a lot of glass. Even the sensor in my phone is superior in some ways. But nothing beats the glass.

cdevroe says:

@smith Iceland is a must. Very inexpensive to get there. I recommend.


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