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Twitter fixes their timeline

September 18, 2018

YES!!!!!! The Verge:

Twitter has made a surprise change to how it shows tweets to its users, following a viral thread earlier today that discussed ways to reverse the platform’s algorithmic timeline. Now, when you uncheck the settings box reading “Show the best tweets first,” Twitter will completely revert your timeline to a non-algorithmic, reverse-chronological order, which is how Twitter was originally designed and operated for years until the company introduced a default algorithmic model in early 2016.

I saw this tweet last night and immediately turned this on. Now with this new setting I don’t need it. Please keep this Twitter. Please!


simonwoods says:

@cdevroe It’d be great to see them continue in this way, rolling back bad decisions. Though I think more and more people are now wary of going all-in no matter what.

JohnPhilpin says:

@simonwoods maybe they could roll back all the way to even starting the stupid thing …

// @cdevroe

simonwoods says:

@JohnPhilpin @cdevroe Maybe if Jack takes a long enough “retreat” the devs can just make a bunch of changes.

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