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Matt Haughey on the mobile WordPress app

August 15, 2018

Matt Haughey vents his frustrations with WordPress:

Over the past week I’ve written a bunch of posts while out and about using the iOS WordPress app, often with photos of things I was seeing. But unless I was on WiFi or had 5 bars of LTE connectivity, I would get a Posting Failed, Retry? message. The wild thing is even after hitting retry a bunch, it would still fail. And then if I flicked over to my draft posts folder, the post wasn’t there. If I didn’t keep retrying and instead clicked anywhere in the app, the post would disappear completely.

Like Haughey, I too am frustrated with the WordPress mobile app (I’m on Android, and I have the same issues). I’ve actually removed WordPress from my phone because I can’t use it. It simply doesn’t work well at all. If I even try do post my photo posts with it crashes over and over and over and over. Which is why you’ve seen a lot less photos from me.


adders says:

@cdevroe It’s a shame that the leading blogging platform can’t really make things work on mobile yet. A shame – and kinda inexplicable.

svenseebeck says:

@cdevroe This is indeed annoying. For some reason, I on the other hand have no issues with the WordPress app. It works just as one expectes. Only occasionally I have an image uploading twice, but that’s about it. Happy camper here at least.

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