@cdevroe Good point about the bumpy spots during the growth and figuring-it-all-out stages.

Regarding the timestamp links, I think maybe the best thing would to be to have a “Conversation” item in that metadata+actions line for every post or comment, or to switch and make timestamp link always load the conversation and then add a “Source” link (only on posts) that gets you to the native blog post. Hmm, initially, I’d favored the former, but writing this out now, I think maybe I’ve switched to the latter. It’s a change from what is now, but a change towards better consistency, and perhaps make the whole thing more self-explanatory (and more easily discoverable).

To me, this confusion+lack of entry to conversation on posts (vs from comments) is the biggest frustration I have with the web version, and I hope it rises in priority as Micro.blog signups increase. But it’s a minor frustration in the scheme of things—once you’ve learned the nuances—so it’s less of a bump and more of a pebble.