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Blew my chance at the 30-day pin by forgetting to post yesterday. No longer going to try. Posting to my blog needs to be natural.


@cdevroe Have you found that posting to your blog feels more natural the more frequently you do it?

(That’s definitely the case for me, and I’m out of practice, so little achievements like the 30-day pin encourage me to write more.)

cn says:

@AngeloStavrow the 30–day pin is a myth.

adders says:

@cdevroe I think sometimes these badges are better as nice surprises, rather than targets to aim at.

@cn It is, until it isn’t. 🙂

cn says:

@AngeloStavrow might as well hunt the Snark

cdevroe says:

@AngeloStavrow Goals are good. But I post multiple times per weekday on average. I have little trouble writing.

cdevroe says:

@adders Exactly what I’m thinking now too.

manton says:

@cdevroe @adders Some of the pins are hidden until you unlock them (like the Halloween and special event ones). I still don’t have the 30-day pin either… There needs to be some pins in between 10 non-consecutive posts and 30 days.

@cdevroe Right on. I do like that these pins aren’t flashily displayed for others to see—they’re just for you, kinda like a high-five.

I personally don’t want to post something empty just for the sake of a check mark on a calendar, but I can see that being a thing for some.

adiabatic says:

@manton idea: retire the 10, add 7-, 14-, 21-, and 28-day pins

manton says:

@adiabatic I think the 10 is good, because it’s just 10 total, not in a row, so anyone can get it. The pins that require posting every day are trickier.

adiabatic says:

@manton Makes sense. Keep the 10 and add in the rest.

mjmoriarity says:

@cdevroe my natural tendency is to forget to post after a while. I think that the 30 day thing may help me set a new habit.

JohnPhilpin says:

@manton not publicizing the pins … good – to me they are a device that can and should use in the future as new people come on board who may not be as fluent in blogging as some of the others who are here in the nascent days …. by using them I think of them as a gamification tool that as a new user gets them – brings them into the thinking and behaviour that believes is good behavior and supportive of the overall good of the community … hand in hand with that should be an email onboarding process in that two free weeks intro … eg heh —- you posted three pictures over the past three days – one today and one tomorrow – gives you the ‘5 pin photo’ …. or whatever …. and so lying in there is that the 30 post pin is probably wrong …. for those that don’t care – it doesn’t matter … for those that do … it ‘incentivizes’ bad behavior … “i” have posted 25 days in a row … i HAVE to post today … missing a 5 post run – is easy to get to if you are so inclined .. 30 … not so much.

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