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Had an incredible day yesterday visiting the Berwick Brewing Company, O’Donnell Winery, and Three Dogs Vino. It was nice to visit some new-for-us places in our area. Worth the drive.


JohnPhilpin says:

@cdevroe all those links take you to an Airbnb property – it must be like the Tardis to fit it all in 😉

cdevroe says:

@JohnPhilpin That is hilarious! Paste Fail!

cdevroe says:

@JohnPhilpin Finally fixed the links. Thanks again for taking the time to let me know.

manton says:

@JohnPhilpin @cdevroe Edits are only applied back to if they’re made within the first 24 hours after posting.

JohnPhilpin says:

@cdevroe thanks for heads up .. nice … now here is an interesting observation … maybe one for @Manton … on the site the links are fixed … but in this thread still point to the old URLs …

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