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Social media in 2018:

  • Facebook – where we unwittingly share fake articles
  • Snapchat – where we privately video chat w/ squeaky voices
  • Twitter – where we retweet our dislike of “other people”
  • Instagram 🎉 – where we share our best photos, work, motivations, recipes

Wonder why IG is winning? 🤔


devilgate says:

@cdevroe You forgot about! Also I don’t get that from Instagram. It’s just somewhere I occasionally browse random pictures, and hardly ever post to — not least because it’s kind of a black hole. I need to investigate this OwnYourGam thing.

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe it’s coz they took the time to build tools that wipe out spam comments, unapproved posts, added security, and are keeping up the pace between building tools for business and tools for consumers.

cn says:

@devilgate don’t you already own your leg?

devilgate says:

@cn The joys of missing letters. says:

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