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December 28, 2017


We are inventing a new computational medium where people work together with real objects in the real world, not alone with virtual objects on a screen.

From Bret Victor and others.



cdevroe says:

@cdevroe @manton This isn’t how I would expect this post to be presented here. Did I do something incorrectly?

I would think it’d have been just title and link.

manton says:

@cdevroe Yeah, there are a couple of exceptions… If the beginning words of a post are the same as the title and the post is short, it includes the whole thing. This was done to work around Tumblr feeds.

cdevroe says:

@manton Makes sense. Are these rules on the help site?

manton says:

@cdevroe Not yet. I’ve been meaning to write up the default behavior and these edge cases.

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