December 23, 2012

Flickr’s Holiday Gift and what it could mean for the future

In my recent How Flickr can eat Instagram’s table scraps. I’m Instagram’s table scraps. And so are you. piece I postulated that Flickr needed to make some adjustments and, possibly, make a new account type that was a little less expensive to compete with the free Instagram.

Well, Flickr has done something that I think could be the first big step towards doing just that. They’re giving away 3-months free of Flickr Pro to existing members. This should help bolster the usage of Flickr over the next three months in a big way. This could also help them to determine how people will use the new iPhone app on-the-go (something they have very little experience in since, until recently, their iOS app was no where near as great as it is now) and, perhaps, come up with a new model as I suggested.

Regardless of their reasoning for doing the giveaway – Flickr will be used a whole lot more over the next three months and I’m sure a portion of the people that take advantage of this deal will fall in love with Flickr all over again.