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Messages beta is driving people nuts

April 12, 2012

There is pandemonium in the streets. Riots are breaking out. Here is Dan Moren of Macworld with more:

It’s been almost two months since Apple released the Messages beta, the revamped version of iChat slated to arrive with Mountain Lion this summer. And, thanks to a lack of subsequent updates, I and at least a few of my colleagues have jumped ship back to our pre-Messages IM clients. Those who haven’t, well, I’ve noticed they seem to spend a lot of time cursing at Messages.

I knew what I was getting into with the Messages beta when I downloaded it. I knew there would be a few bugs and that, in general, it wouldn’t be the best experience. The Apple experience. But there hasn’t been a single update to make it better and, as it stood, Messages was a terrible, terrible experience.

I’ve since attempted to roll back to iChat which is supposed to be possible since Messages comes with an uninstall routine built-into the menu. But I’ve since not been able to get iChat to work. Even after trashing every file I can possibly find related to iChat.

So, I’m using Adium – which I think is also terrible – until Mountain Lion comes. What a mess!