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Troy Rutter is back on The Diet

April 8, 2012

Troy Rutter, former member of The Diet, is back on. He’s logging his progress publicly (something I canattestto being very helpful) at One Man’s Loss.

I love this bit from his most recent blog entry:

After changing my insurance and paying the copay, I waited for the doctor, and eventually went into the exam room. When the doctor arrived, I told him about everything I have been doing, including the fact I had lost nearly 15 lbs in 3 weeks, despite still posting a gain since my last visit 6 months ago. I told him about my lifestyle changes, and he in turn told me my blood pressure was the lowest and most normal it had ever been on one of my visits:  115 over something.

After weighing both my history, and me promising I would continue my healthy ways, he agreed to let me discontinue the use of one of the blood pressure medicine’s aI had been taking since 2007 – Metroprolol.  This was great news for two reasons:  first, hey, I’m off one drug finally!  Second, a couple of months ago Metroprolol went from a tier 1 to a tier 3 medication, increasing my part of the payment from about $10 to $60.

Focusing on his health for just three weeks allowed him to come off of his medication. If that isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is. Troy, I’m with you buddy. My first goal? To run 10 miles this week.