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Jason Fried on downtime

January 27, 2011

Given my recent spat on Tumblr about their downtime and the messaging coming from their team and investors, I thought this quote by Jason Fried of 37Signals in INC. was apropos:

“Of course, all companies experience episodes like this. How they handle the situation is what counts. I’m not talking about fixing the problem—you have to fix it; that’s a given. I’m talking about how you communicate with your customers, how you accept responsibility, and how you make things right. That’s what people remember.”

Jason was talking about Campfire in this article, a paid service, used by companies to communicate remotely and is a vital part of their workflow in many cases. Arguably Tumblr isn’t such a service and is, for the most part, free to use. So does this quote apply? I leave that to you to decide.