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Embed a tweet on your Web site

May 7, 2010

Dubbed Blackbird Pie this tool from Twitter makes it fairly simple to embed a tweet on your Web site. Provide the URL to the tweet and you’ll be provided with a HTML embed code for the tweet. Nice.


.bbpBox{background:url( #bfbfbf;padding:20px;}p.bbpTweet{background:#fff;padding:10px 12px 10px 12px;margin:0;min-height:48px;color:#000;font-size:18px !important;line-height:22px;-moz-border-radius:5px;-webkit-border-radius:5px}p.bbpTweet span.metadata{display:block;width:100%;clear:both;margin-top:8px;padding-top:12px;height:40px;border-top:1px solid #fff;border-top:1px solid #e6e6e6}p.bbpTweet span.metadata{line-height:19px}p.bbpTweet span.metadata img{float:left;margin:0 7px 0 0px;width:38px;height:38px}p.bbpTweet a:hover{text-decoration:underline}p.bbpTweet span.timestamp{font-size:12px;display:block}

Nothing like a good laugh to make a bright day brighter. Thanks @elizard.less than a minute ago via Echofon