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One deer, one owl in flight, six or eight rabbits, and 17 miles.

August 27, 2008

An inspiring story of a morning run by Dylan F. Tweney, whose training to run a full marathon and was having trouble getting passed the 14-mile mark.

“Training for a marathon, it turns out, is an exercise in mind control and reality creation. […] To make it work, you have to play all kinds of games to keep yourself engaged and to make yourself believe that you can keep running. Like telling yourself that you are a strong runner, that you love running, that you really like those hills.”

In this account he recalls a particular morning run where he does get passed the 14-mile mark, recalls the finer details of the run all the way down to the various auroras he took in during the run.  He also talks about the mind game that running actually is, the wildlife in his California territory that he sees, and the way it feels to succeed at running.


Source: One deer, one owl in flight, six or eight rabbits, and 17 miles..