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Weigh in: April 27, 2009

If I were to graph my week of activity it'd look something like the silhouette of a camel standing in the sunset. The beginning of the week started out great with a really great basketball session on Monday and Wednesday and we finished off the week strong with some basketball on Sunday evening. In between those times, however, I didn't get the chance to jog at all.

I know, I play basketball a lot. But it is the sport that I could play every single day and not tire of it.

I had one 'bad day' on Saturday (for reasons I'll leave out for now, but suffice to say the day consisted of not very good food, although it tasted great, and a lot of couch time). I'm going to try to avoid this type of day this week.

This morning I weighed in at 194.something pounds. My scale consists of a rotating dial with small numbers that are hard to read from 6' 1" above it. That is a loss of 2 pounds for this week. I'm feeling very good, fitting into clothes better, and ready to have an active summer. This brings me down 13 pounds in 1 month and 1 week. I'm looking forward to shedding this last 7 pounds, to beat Pat, before mid-May.

  • 27 April 2009

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