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  • Philadelphia Weblogger Meetup – March 17th

    Mike Stickel, Chris Fehnel, Matt Regula, Timmy Dunn and I on South Street after the last Meetup. This Saturday (March 17th from 2:00pm till about 5pm) I’ll be attending the Philadelphia Webloggers Meetup at Ten Stone Bar & Restaurant. Will you be there? It looks like Tony Green and I will be having a conversation…

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  • Philadelphia Weblogger Meetup – February 17th

    Though this event is split into two parts, the Philadelphia WordPress Meetup and the Philadelphia Webloggers Meetup to me it is all just about blogging and so I sign up for both. Chris at Ten Stone Bar – April 15, 2006 This Saturday (February 17th from 2:30pm till about 4pm) I’ll be attending the Philadelphia…

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