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  • The greatest productivity hack of all time

    The greatest productivity hack of all time is working less. Slack recently published new research into desk worker productivity. It is a worthy read – however, it sheds light on something that most desk workers already inherently know: longer hours do not mean greater productivity. I have put a lot of personal focus on trying…

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  • Rebuilding Slack.com

    Mina Markham: In August, we released a major redesign of slack.com, and we want to give you a peek behind-the-scenes. She goes on to show tons of details on their latest redesign. There are several bits I found interesting such as their attention to accessibility, how they handle fall backs for IE11, and how they…

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  • Release notes by Slack

    Anna Pickard on Ev’s blog about Slack’s release notes: That means if something was a massive pain in the peach, or made people’s lives just a little worse, we don’t splatter it with jokes and pretty words to try and hide it. We say sorry, thank people for their continued patience, and let them know…

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