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  • Mike Davidson on working remotely

    Mike Davidson: First, let’s dispense with the easy part: despite what you may read on Twitter, remote work is neither the greatest thing in the world nor the worst. We are not moving to a world where offices go completely away, nor are we going through some sort of phase where remote work will eventually…

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  • Happy Tools

    Happy Tools: Distributed teams, changing business needs, and complex dynamics are redefining the workday. Happy Tools makes it possible for your office to run smoothly, no matter what it looks like or who makes it go. A suite of tools specifically built for the remote team by Automattic, a completely distributed company. I’d be very…

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  • Communication for America

    Jeremy’s title. Not mine. Jeremy Keith chimes in about remote work (see last post) and the advantages the “time shift” can have when working on large client projects: As it turned out, it wasn’t a problem at all. In fact, it worked out nicely. At the end of every day, we had a quick conference call,…

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