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  • Rocket

    I had bookmarked Rocket by Matthew Palmer almost two weeks ago and today I finally took the time to install it. Game changer on the Mac. Recommended. Also, give it an up-vote on Product Hunt if you like it.

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  • The Unicode Consortium is responsible for more than emoji

    Mark Davis, President of the Unicode Consortium, [on their blog](The Unicode Consortium enables people around the world to use computers in any language. Our freely-available specifications and data form the foundation for software internationalization in all major operating systems, search engines, applications, and the World Wide Web. An essential part of our mission is to…

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  • How emoji get rendered

    Monica Dinculescu gets all geeky about how emoji are rendered in the Chrome browser. It is a great read but she makes this very important point: Emoji does not have a plural in Japanese, so stop trying to make emojis happen. Now you know.

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